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The hottest new trend in eyebrow enhancement and beauty treatments is Microblading. It is now one of the most popular brow treatments available because so many clients love the results. If you are looking for Microblading in Guildford, then contact Justine at Just Beauty.

Microblading techniques originated and have been dominant in the Asia beauty market for more than 20 years. The treatment is now recognised worldwide as a safe and effective way to create full beautiful eyebrows.

Microblading is classified as semi-permanent makeup and is also known as feathering, micro-stroking or eyebrow embroidery. Justine is a fully licensed and insured microblade artist/technician with years of experience. She uses a handheld microblade to apply each hair stroke with a high degree of accuracy. The result is fine lines that resemble hair creating lasting fuller eyebrows.

Shading can also be added to the body of the brow to create more density. This works really well with Microblading and is known as a Combo Brow.

Microblading Guildford

“I’ve wanted my eyebrows micro bladed for a couple of years now but didn’t know where to start finding somewhere. After meeting Justine for a consultation I felt completely confident that I’d chosen the right person to do them. I’m over the moon with the results. Justice spent time ensuring they were perfect sisters and in all, it’s been a great experience. Highly recommended.”
K Clark – Microblading Guildford 5* Google Review

“Justine is incredible! Just had my eyebrows touched up after they were mircobladed 4 months ago. Wow!! I’m SO SO happy. They look amazing. Justine is so experienced and pays such attention to detail. Can’t recommend enough!”
L Vallins-Smith – Micro blading Guildford 5* Facebook Review

“Amazing, friendly, professional, just an all round great business. I am still in LOVE with my eyebrows and I can’t recommend enough!”
M Richardson – Microblading Guildford 5* May 2021

“I am so delighted with my new brows! they look amazing and Justine was brilliant all the way through. She gave great advice and we worked together to find the best shape and colour. if you’re looking to get your brows done, look no further as this lady is a miracle worker!”
E Cook – Jan 2021 Microblading Guildford FB review

“Had my microblading done today,so so happy with them ,justine was amazing talk you though what she was doing. Recommend to everyone.Thank you so much Justine x”
D J – Nov 2020 Pre-Christmas Microblading in Guildford

“I am so happy with my new brows. Justine is an absolute artist and works with you to create the perfect shape and colour. I cannot praise her professionalism highly enough and would recommend anyone considering a brow treatment to go and see her. The aftercare advice and pack she sends you away with are testament to the care she puts into achieving excellent results. You’ll be in good hands with Justine. A million thanks from a very happy client!”
J Ellwood – Jan 2021 5* Microblading Guildford FB Review

“I had microblading with her and all I could say what a great job she’s done. Very happy with the result and she really made sure I get what I want.”
B Johnson – Nov 2020 5* FB review Micro-blading Guildford

“Professional and relaxing environment. Justine takes time to achieve the overall brow effected. The procedure wasn’t anyway a scary or painful as I thought! I’m looking forward to my second touch up appointment. One tip if you need glasses remember them for form completion (lol). Thank you Justine.”
C Wood – Oct 2020 Guildford Microblading 5 star FB review

“I had my eyebrows microbladed & shadowed yesterday & omg WOW the difference is incredible & Justine is amazing & so talented, she made me feel very at ease – can’t recommend highly enough.”
L Holden – Sept 2020 Microblading Guildford 5* Facebook Review

“Just had microblading for my eyebrows. They look awesome. A lot of time during the appointment to get the shape just as I wanted it and also the perfect colour. The microblading itself was fine. Plenty of numbing cream ensured I didn’t feel a thing. Good aftercare package given too. Definitely recommend.”
J Carter – Oct 2020 5* FB review Micro-blading Guildford


Justine is a fully licensed microblading technician based in the centre of Guildford. Please get in touch for a friendly chat if you have any questions or need expert advice: 07710 935400


Microblading and Powder Brows are known as semi-permanent make up. This is because they can last between 8 months to more than 18 months. *This highly depends on your skin type and condition, your age, medications and lifestyle. Our skin and hair are on a continual journey and a stop at Just Beauty is like visiting the five star spa in town!


If you are lucky enough to have amazing natural eyebrows, then you may not need microblading at the salon in Guildford (there are other treatments for you). However, lots of clients find they have thinning brows, have overplucked over the years, have patchy brows or simply would like more definition to their brows. Microblading & Powder Brows can give a massive boost to your look and confidence.


As an experienced, licensed technician, Justine will chat to you about expectations and how the treatment will proceed. You will also you will need to complete a medical questionnaire to ensure any treatment is safe and the end result will be as expected. You will also have a simple allergy test to check the pigment.


The price includes your initial Microblading appointment (allow 3 hrs) and a top up appointment 6-8 weeks later (allow 2 hrs). How the pigment retains varies from person to person and will fade / alter slightly in colour over a period of time. To keep your colour looking fresh it is important to have annual top ups every 12-18 months.


Want to wake up to beautiful, natural brows every day?
Did you overpluck your brows in the past?
Do you have gaps in your brows?
Do you have uneven brows?
Are your brows starting to look sparser in some areas?
Do you want to look more youthful and vibrant?
Do you want to add more definition to your face and balance your facial features?
Then microblading is a good option for you!

What is Brow Microblading?2021-10-28T14:31:42+01:00

Brow Microblading is a technique used to implant pigment into the skin. It creates very fine, natural-looking hair strokes and is ‘etched’ into the skin using extremely fine needles. Justine believes in beautiful, natural eyebrows!

*Please note that a patch test is required at least 48hrs beforehand for both the pigment and the numbing cream used.

Is the treatment painful?2021-10-28T14:31:38+01:00

A highly effective numbing cream is put on before and during your treatment, so there shouldn’t be much discomfort at all.

How long does it last?2021-10-28T14:31:33+01:00

Results usually last between 8-18 months, depending on your skin type and depth of colour used.

A colour top-up is recommended at regular intervals to freshen up your brows.

How long does it take to heal / will there be scabbing?2021-10-28T14:31:28+01:00

The full healing process takes around 4-6 weeks. There may be some scabbing, but this will be minimised if you follow the aftercare regime.

Will my brows be really dark initially?2021-10-28T14:31:23+01:00

Brow Microblading is a lovely, natural-looking treatment and you should be able to leave without any swelling and minimal redness. Brows will normally be 30-40% darker until healed.

I’ve heard that oily skin isn’t good for Brow Microblading?2021-10-28T14:31:18+01:00

If you have very oily skin, large pores, or Rosacea, then there is a strong possibility that the Microbladed hair strokes will not retain their definition once healed and the effect will be more of a powder brow look and in some cases, the pigment will heal to a very cool tone.

For oily skin Justine recommends either a combo brow with shading to give more of a powder brow look straight away, or a full powder brow.  This retains much better over time.

Can I have Microblading over an old brow tattoo?2021-10-28T14:31:12+01:00

Yes, you can, as long as the old tattooing is significantly faded down enough. You can always send me a photo before coming in for a consultation to check.

Please be aware, however, that old tattooing cannot completely be concealed, so you will be able to see the residual tone of the faded tattoo underneath the Microblading.

Justine recommends a Combo Brow of Microblading and Shading or a Powder Brow to cover an old tattoo if it hasn’t faded enough for Microblading alone. There may also be an element of colour correction on old Permanent Makeup, so this may take up to 3 sessions.
Will the tattoo ever completely disappear?2021-10-28T14:31:07+01:00

Important to be aware of before you decided to have this treatment!

You may always have a trace of the tattoo if you stop having treatments. Darker pigments can take several years to lose the colour and in some cases the colour may never completely go.

Can I have Microblading if I’m pregnant or breastfeeding?2021-10-28T14:30:56+01:00

No, you need to wait until you have given birth and have finished breastfeeding.

Can I have Brow Microblading if I’m undergoing Chemo?2021-10-28T14:30:51+01:00

You have to be at least 5 weeks prior to undergoing chemotherapy and/or at least 5 weeks post-chemotherapy.

Can I have my brows tinted before Microblading?2021-10-28T14:30:45+01:00

Brows can be tinted either 1 week before treatment, or 2 weeks after treatment.

Can I have Botox before or after Microblading?2021-10-28T14:30:40+01:00

You need to wait at least 2 weeks after having Botox before you can be treated and must wait for at least 2 weeks after treatment before your next Botox session.

Can I exercise after my Brow Microblading treatment?2021-10-28T14:30:32+01:00

Please no swimming, saunas, steam rooms, etc, until your brows have healed. You are fine to do gentle exercise that does not cause you to sweat following your Microblading, remember you must keep any sort of liquid away from your brows and only apply the product provided for your aftercare.


Microblading GuildfordMicroblading Guildford
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